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In fulfilling our responsibilities towards our stakeholders and in order to comply the listing agreement, given herein below the financial results for our stakeholders as per prescribed format.


In order to safeguard the interest of the shareholders, stakeholders and employees we have our well defined policies which truly reflect our values and missions. Each of the policy that is framed and implemented is continuously reviewed at regular intervals and efforts are made to improve such policies from time to time.

  1. Anti Sexual Harassment Policy
  2. Whistle Blower Policy
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Documents Preservation Policy
  5. Insider Trading Policy
  6. Internal Financial Control Policy
  7. Investor Grievance Redressal Policy
  8. Nomination and Remuneration Policy
  9. Policy on Disclosure of Material Events
  10. Related Party Transaction Policy
  11. Risk Management Policy
  12. Stakeholders Relationship Committee Policy
  13. Terms And Conditions of Independent Directors
  14. Succession Planning
  15. Board – Independent Director Evaluation

        Manila Kraft – UPM

        Bubble Envelope Paper

        Buff/Envelope Paper

        Yellow Kraft

        Golden Manila Kraft

        Parchment Envelope Paper

        Pastel Envelope Paper


        Orange Ribbed Gold

        Golden Ribbed Kraft

        White Ribbed

        Natural Shade Ribbed

        Ribbed Buff 89

        Ribbed Manila Brown

        Ribbed Middle East

        MG Brown Ribbed Kraft

        Ribbed Kraft Tinted (Coloured)

        Poster Pouch Paper

        Super Poster

        Prime Poster

        Kraft – Grade A

        Light Shade Kraft

        Golden Plain Kraft

        MG Super Kraft

        MF Golden Package Paper

        Azure Laid Ledger

        Colour Printing Diamond

        Colour Printing Gold

        NS Super Print

        Super White Print

        Religious Book Printing (Maize)

        Novel Line – High Bulk

        High Bulk – Deluxe

        Newsprint – Prime

        Newsprint – Super Deluxe


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