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Bubble Envelope Paper is machine glazed superior quality paper. It finds its application in making padded envelopes which ensures your package makes it to your recipient in one piece. Whether you’re mailing a copy of your latest presentation on DVD to a coworker or photos to a friend, bubble mailers offer integrated cushioning that helps protect those slightly fragile items and are thus suited for your mailing, packing and shipping needs. This paper is made from 100% recycled fibre.


  • Envelopes: The paper finds application in making padded lightweight envelopes and is exported to Uganda, Argentina, Sudan, Middle East and UK

        Manila Kraft – UPM

        Bubble Envelope Paper

        Buff/Envelope Paper

        Yellow Kraft

        Golden Manila Kraft

        Parchment Envelope Paper

        Pastel Envelope Paper


        Orange Ribbed Gold

        Golden Ribbed Kraft

        White Ribbed

        Ribbed Buff 89

        Ribbed Manila Brown

        Ribbed Middle East

        MG Brown Ribbed Kraft

        Carry Bag Ribbed Kraft

        Ribbed Kraft Tinted (Coloured)

        Super Poster

        Prime Poster

        Kraft – Grade A

        Light Shade Kraft

        MG Super Kraft

        MF Golden Package Paper

        Absorbent Paper – White

—        Newsprint – Prime

—        Newsprint – Super Deluxe

—        Ropar

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