We work closely in alignment with our customers and try and develop the paper which is most suitable for envelope application in their country. Doing so today we proudly have various envelope papers catering to different countries in the world!

Some salient features of our Envelope Papers:

  • Available in MF & MG finish
  • Wide range of substances and qualities
  • Offered both in reels and professional ream packing
  • Customized shades
  • 100% Recycled – FSC certified
  • Available in Kraft (Plain & Ribbed) and Coloured variants

Manila Kraft - UPM

  • Leading paper for Kraft envelopes
  • Machine Glazed paper
  • Product Code: UPM 01

Bubble Envelope Paper

  • Used for Padded/Bubble Envelopes
  • Universal bubble envelope shade
  • Product Code: BEP 01

Buff Envelope Paper

  • Warm golden colour
  • Buff envelopes are used extensively in commercial mailings
  • Product Code: BUF 05


  • Brighten up your mailing with high impact colours
  • Made from recycled fibre and FSCTM Certified

Yellow Kraft

  • Bright Yellow colour specialised for Sri Lanka & Nepal
  • Good bulk and rattle
  • Product Code: PKP 06

Golden Manila Kraft

  • Comes in warm golden colour
  • Specialised for African & Middle Eastern markets
  • Product Code: PKP 07

Parchment Envelope Paper

  • Superior quality bleached paper
  • Good bulk and stiffness
  • Also finds use in making Certificates, Wedding Stationery, Invitations & Menus
  • Product Code: PAR 01

MG Brown Kraft

  • The universal brown kraft paper
  • Eco Friendly – 100% recycled post consumer waste
  • Machine Glazed paper with one side glossy
  • Product Code: PKP 04

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