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Speciality Papers

Construction Paper
Colour Printing
Colour Printing Diamond
Canary Paper 
Ledger Paper 
Buff/Envelope Paper
Card Sheet
Creamwove Diamond


Prime Newsprint
Super Deluxe Newsprint

           Kraft Papers (MG)  

           Orange Ribbed Kraft
           Ribbed Kraft - GA (Natural)
           Ribbed Kraft Light
           Yellow Ribbed Kraft
           Kraft - Tobacco Grade 
           Kraft - Grade A (Brown)
           White Kraft 
           Plain Yellow Kraft

                     Hi Bulk Papers

                     Hi Bulk - Sun/Form
                     Hi Bulk - S.DLX
                     Hi Bulk - DLX

                     MG Varieties

                     Platinum Poster
                     Prime Poster
                     Colour Poster
                     Colour Card Sheet

 We are also open to experiment with new products based on suggestions/demand from the customers.