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  Sangal Ribbed Kraft Tinted Paper                                                                       Code: RKT 01 - 09 

  •   These ribbed kraft papers are manufactured in wide spectrum of colours
  •   Accounts for large proportion of company's exports
  •   The product is FSCTM Certified  

        Manufacturing GSM: 50 - 80                        Available in: Reels & Sheets                        Machine Deckle: 270 - 280 cms     Ribbed_Kraft_Tinted


       Used for working with liquid tempera and paints, to create murals and other artwork, as well as craftwork on a large

        scale, compositions, stage sets, shop window dressing, group projects and even for decorating and protecting tables

        at events of all kinds, wrapping large items, etc. Also used for packing books, exercise books, notebooks, etc.

  rac_seal_green_625 FSCN8aaU4
Parameter   Unit Specifications

GSM Variation   ± % 5
Bulk   cc/gm 2.30
Tear Factor Cross Direction   60
Machine Direction   55
Breaking Length Cross Direction Meter 1600
Machine Direction Meter 3600
PH     7.0
Cobb (60 sec)*   g/m2 ----