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 Sangal Light Shade Kraft                                                                                        Code: PKP02

  •  Sangal Light Shade Kraft, machine glazed superior quality Kraft Paper                                    
  •  Clean surface with high Burst Factor and Rattle in paper; rare combination
  •  Sangal Light Shade Kraft is FDA Approved and FSCTM Certified
  •  Manufactured using 100% recycled waste paper

      Manufacturing GSM: 40 - 140              Available in: Reels & Sheets              Machine Deckle: 270 - 280 cms

                                                                    Technical Specifications


     Applications:                                                               Technical values are informative and subject to production variations

KFC & Pizza Hut Carry Bags (take away), Pizza Hut Boxes, Envelopes, Back to School Covers, Wrapping & Packaging, Lamination, Textile  Patterns, Bidi Wrapping

*Cobb can be provided as per customer requirement